We sell assembled, unassembled MIT Handyboard, Handyboard expansion board, mobile robot base with two 6V DC motors, and LEGO Robot, and robot accessories. The MIT Handyboard can drive up to 4 DC motors and provides a great way to interface different sensors (hall effect, CDS, IR transceiver, Vector 2x compass, RF transceiver, Ultrasonic sensor and even a GPS module).

With the Handyboard Expansion, more servos and sensors can be controlled by Handyboard. In addition, a dedicated port for Polaroid 6500 ultrasonic ranging system and 4 inputs for LEGO sensors.

As of August, 1999, the MIT Handyboard System, Handyborad Expansion Board, mobile robot base kit, sensors, and Imagecraft development tools are in stock for immediately delivery. We offer high quality kits, prompt delivery, and with unlimited technical support for all products by email. All orders will accompany a FREE gift!!

Assembled and Tested Handyboard Complete Set (Ready-to-Run) (HB-A)

Assembled kit with Licensed Interactive-C 3.x (HB-A-IC)

Unassembled Handyboard Complete Set (HB-U)

Unassembled kit with Licensed Interactive-C 3.x (HB-U-IC)

Assembled and Tested Handyboard Expansion Board (HB-A-EXP)

Unassembled Handyboard Expansion Board (HB-U-EXP)

Mobile Robot Base Kit (HB-BASE)


Complete Sensors Kit (HB-SENSOR)

Licensed Interactive-C 3.x (HB-IC3.x)

Gear Box Kits for building your own robot

Mechanical Parts for building your own robot

MACH 5 Robot

Imagecraft ANSI-C Compiler for HC11, HC12, and HC16

FREE gift with all orders !!

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All MIT Handyboard system comes with 1-Year Warranty.

We accept payment in any currency (US$, CAN$, EUR$, your country's currency etc.) Please refer to ordering information.


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Last Updated: July 26, 1999